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Are Fillers Good For Your Skin?

Are Fillers Good For Your Skin

The injectable cosmetic fillers have been around for decades already. As medical advances brought new versions of wrinkle treatment, more unique cosmetic fillers are now available for anyone to take advantage of. One of which is dermal fillers, which help smooth lines, and plump lips and aid in restoring an overall more youthful appearance.

How Do Dermal Fillers Work?

Dermal fillers work by injecting liquid or gel into the dermis area where volume has been lost over the years, providing a new skin structure. Basically, dermal fillers smooth deep-set wrinkles by restoring lost volume to the face.

Dermal fillers can help combat signs of aging and are commonly used to:

  • contour the jawline
  • plump thin, or wrinkled lips
  • fill in hollows underneath the eyes
  • enhance the cheeks
  • reduce wrinkles and fine lines

What Are The Different Types Of Fillers?

Fillers have four categories according to FDA. They are named following the type of material they’re made of.

  • Hyaluronic acid. Naturally, this is produced by the body and has already been found in the cartilage and skin. In general, HA fillers can last between 6-12 months.
  • Calcium Hydroxylapatite. A mineral found in our bones on which the type of fillers can last up to 18 months.
  • Poly-L-lactic Acid. A biodegradable synthetic material that makes medical products, such as dissolvable stitches. The fillers made into this material can last up to 2 years.
  • Polymethylmethacrylate Beads. They are the only fillers that can’t be absorbed by the body, which means the results are permanent. They’re only used around the mouth.

Nonetheless, a medical professional will explain the ideal treatment plan since they know the best treatment plan for the most natural-looking results, which may require more than one type of filler.

What Are The Benefits of Fillers?

The following are some of the main benefits that dermal fillers offer, which include:

  • Quicker than creams. Anti-aging creams are a long-term investment in the skin. When creams are applied daily in small amounts, the results will take several months to appear and may sometimes not be noticeable. On the other hand, the result of dermal fillers can be seen instantly in the target area.
  • Quicker than surgery. In fact, most dermal filler procedures take less than an hour, which means having a face plumped performed during lunchtime. Although surgery gives slightly better results that will last much longer, it is very invasive and involves a long recovery time in most cases that take up to 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Long lasting but not permanent. It has been known that dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally within the body. That said, the acid dissipates and is re-absorbed by the body, and the filling effect may start to wane. This is good for people who want a youthful look without committing to permanent surgery.
  • Natural-looking effect. What’s good about dermal filler injections is the natural-looking result, which will not alter the recipient’s facial expressions in the same way as filler treatments such as Botox can. As the face changes over time, patients can choose what regular dermal fillers work for them.

What To Expect During The Treatment?

The procedure varies as to what type of filler will be used by the dermatologist, the body part to be treated, and the medical history. Thus, the guidelines below are what a patient can expect.

  • The procedure of injecting the filler treatments can take between 15 and 30 minutes and require one office visit.
  • Before getting the injections, an ice pack and an anesthetic or a nerve block (an injection) may be needed. However, it will vary with the type of filler and the treated area. In general, hands do not need anesthesia, but lips often require a nerve block.
  • The dermatologist will then inject the filler, often giving several injections to produce the best results.
  • As the filler is injected, a stinging or burning sensation might be felt.
  • A few fillers require allergy testing to ensure no allergic reaction.
  • If in need of allergy testing, the patient must wait for the results from the allergy test before getting the filler.
  • Most often, the filler treatment can be completed in one day if own fat is used as a filler. Beforehand, a procedure called tumescent liposuction will be done, which safely removes a small amount of fat from another area of the body. The fat removed from the body is then processed to be injected into the area that needs more fullness.

Who Are Good Candidates For Fillers?

Fillers address several common age-related concerns. For example, those looking to smooth under eye circles, lift their cheekbones or smooth out lip lines may be a good candidate for dermal fillers. Additionally, dermal fillers are the way to restore a more youthful appearance with little to no downtime.

According to the FDA, no research shows dermal fillers are safe for pregnant or breastfeeding people, but still hold off if expecting a baby or recently had a child. Also, avoid getting a filler before a teeth cleaning or other dental treatment.

What Are The Possible Risks Of Fillers?

Similar to other non-surgical procedures, fillers didn’t come without their risks. However, the most common side effects include swelling, bruising, redness, or pain, but they will eventually go away within two weeks. In rare cases, some people might get raised bumps under their skin that need to be treated with injections, medications, or surgically removed.

Although rare, a filler can accidentally be injected into a blood vessel, leading to blurred vision or permanent blindness. Immediately call a doctor or the emergency room if the skin turns blue and when in pain—these are two possible signs of filler in the bloodstream. To reiterate, ensure this procedure is done with an experienced doctor.

How Long Will The Results Last?

The body naturally breaks down the fillers after about six months since fillers are not permanent. In this case, touch-ups are needed at least once or twice a year to maintain the look. However, this is good news for those who want to try fillers once or twice since they don’t have long-term effects and will just fade away.

The Bottom Line

Since aging is an inevitable process, fillers can diminish signs of aging that appear on the face, lips, and hands. Royalty Wellness Spa offers Dermal Fillers to give you a naturally plump appearance and fill in all wrinkles. Fillers contain a natural hyaluronic acid gel administered into the targeted area to plump and hydrate the lips, add volume to fold and creases, diminish scars and fill in volume that’s been reduced because of the natural aging process.

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