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PDO Threads

PDO Threads

PDO Threads are dissolvable threads that promote collagen building and can be used for lifting and smoothing skin. Threads can provide contouring of the face and improve skin texture. The procedure is used to lift, tighten, and revitalize flappy skin by filling it in, smoothing wrinkles, and giving it a softened alluring appearance. The threads are inserted within the targeted area, stimulating new collagen growth. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and gives your skin a youth-enhancing boost. As an added perk, threads also cause your skin to produce new elastin and hyaluronic acid, vital when achieving a youthful appearance.

This treatment is perfect because it’s:

  • Noninvasive – we numb the targeted area before inserting the threads within the first layer of your skin.
  • Safe and slow absorption – the procedure is safe, and the Nova threads we use cause no allergic reactions. These specialized threads are nontoxic and are metabolized within six to twelve months after the procedure.
  • Customizable – the Nova PDO Threads are available in various sizes and widths. This allows for maximum customization depending on your skin condition.

The Treatment

We’ll determine the number of threads and sessions necessary for you during your consultation. The size of the thread is also chosen based on your skin condition and aesthetic goals. For example, thinner threads can be used to restore volume, while thicker threads are excellent for lifting saggy skin on your jowls. We recommend scheduling two to four treatments. The procedure takes one and thirty minutes to perform.

The Solution

NovaThreads replenish the deepest layers of your skin by stimulating the new production of collagen that firms and lifts. These threads help rejuvenate smoother facial contours such as the neck and jawline. They’re made of polydioxanone (PDO), one of the safest materials implanted in the targeted area. It results in new firmer skin tissue.


A thread lift can treat the sagging skin surrounding the cheeks, jaw, neck, and eyes.

The complete improvements to skin firmness and rejuvenation can be seen 3 to 4 weeks after the procedure.

The treated area entirely absorbs PDO Threads within six months after treatment. The results can last 12-24 months.


Yes. You may get swelling, bruising, inflammation, skin puckering, orange peel-like skin texture that subsides within a few days.

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