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Reduce hair with a quick waxing procedure. This method is efficient and has minimal side effects. We’ll apply warm wax to the targeted area, which bonds tightly to the hair, so each strand is pulled adequately. Once the wax is removed from the skin, it’s pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth for maximum hair removal. We offer waxing for the brows, armpits, and chin. We’ll ensure that your brows look even and softly feathered for a flawless appearance. Depending on your hair removal goals, waxing can be customized for small and large areas. Get smooth, hairless skin instantly with a waxing treatment.

The Treatment

Waxing results are most effective when your hair strands are long. You’ll have to avoid shaving the targeted area and other hair removal treatments before the procedure. One day before the treatment, you shouldn’t exfoliate the skin, swim, or tan. During the treatment, we’ll cleanse your skin. Then, the warm wax is put on the treatment area, and you’ll sit, relax, and wait until the wax cools. It’s crucial for the wax to cool because it firms the hair strands and gets a tighter grip resulting in optimal hair removal. Once the wax is cooled, we remove the wax strip quickly. You may get short-term discomfort that subsides within a few hours. Waxing regularly causes thinning and a reduction of hair regrowth, helping to prolong the duration of each session. We recommend one waxing session every two to four weeks. The procedure takes thirty minutes to perform.


Waxing is gentle on the skin and is perfect for sensitive types. The wax we use on your skin has natural ingredients that won’t cause reactions. You’ll get effective hair removal after your first treatment.

No. Waxing stops hair growth gradually and may take years of regular waxing sessions.

Most patients schedule monthly waxing treatments.

Your hair has to be ¼ inch long. If it’s too short, it will be difficult to remove. If you usually shave, allow seven to ten days between shaving and waxing.

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