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What Body Contouring Treatments Are Available?

What Body Contouring Treatments Are Available

If diet and exercise alone aren’t getting you anywhere, body contouring treatments are now available to improve the body’s overall appearance and boost self-esteem. These procedures are designed to remove fat pockets that are stubborn to remove through exercise and exercise, especially in people at a healthy weight. Indeed, these body contouring treatments reduce fat in those persistent areas for good as one builds a healthy lifestyle.

How Does Body Contouring Work?

Non-surgical body contouring is designed to break down and eliminate fat cells through the body’s lymphatic system. Based on different technology, many treatments are considered body contouring, each with its own effectiveness. In fact, there are no common elements between removing fat and being non-invasive. 

In addition, some body contouring treatments depend on freezing fat cells until they crystalize. The technology used is efficient and applied with the use of a suction vacuum on different body areas, such as the chin, arms, abdomen, and thighs. Cold treatments or cryolipolysis are among the most popular body contouring options.

Some also use heat treatments with the use of lasers to damage the structure of fat cells. Once fat cells are damaged, the body removes them through our lymphatic system. Also, heat treatments use an efficient flat device on the targeted area that works better on the thighs and stomach and less on curved body areas.

Exclusively, ultrasound body contouring treatments are used for the abdomen based on mechanical vibrations. On the other hand, a device that emits ultrasound energy can target and destroy fat cells. Other body contouring treatments use technology that is based on radiofrequency energy, achieving high temperatures that destroy fat cells.

Who Should Receive A Body Contouring Treatment?

Those wanting to sculpt their body with a healthy weight and on their way to achieving it can be under this treatment. It also works for sagging skin, which occurs after massive weight loss. Typically, these procedures are the best choice for individuals with experience in weight loss surgery and who are finding ways to resolve their excess skin. 

Through various muscle and skin-tightening surgical procedures, body sculpting experts and plastic surgeons remove loose skin and improve the aesthetics of the body. Keep in mind that procedures like fat reduction are not meant only for those who have lost weight. 

In fact, they can very well be a smart solution to lose a few inches off their tummy, thighs, or waist. By removing the excess fat pockets and loose skin, body contouring improves the shape of the underlying support tissue and creates smoother contours and an overall better-proportioned body.

What Are The Types of Body Contouring?

There is quite a bit of variety out there when it comes to body contouring or body sculpting. Below is the full range of body contouring treatments, as well as their information:


An FDA-approved body contouring treatment, Cryolipolysis offers results in permanent fat reduction by 20-25%. In fact, the device uses a sub-zero temperature to freeze, as well as destroy fat cells in the target area. The lymphatic system clears them with time. 

Then, the results will be a permanent loss of the fat cell, reducing the total number of fat cells in the treated area. Typically, around 3 sessions are required per target area. 

Some common side effects may be mild swelling, bruising, redness, and tingling in the treated area. 

HIFU Ultracel Q+

This non-invasive treatment delivers heat energy into targeted, precise skin’s deep layers. The result would be a reduced volume of unwanted stubborn fats persistent to diet and exercise, plus the simultaneous skin tightening of the treatment area. High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Ultracel Q+ is indeed popular due to its efficiency and comfortability. 

In addition, linear technology cartridges are used to perform bulk heating of the target area, which permanently destroys the fat cells in the treatment area. A sustained healthy diet and exercise can reduce circumferential fat in the treatment area. On the other hand, dot hand cartridges result in overlying skin tightening since it remodels the collagen within the skin itself. 

Since conventional HIFU doesn’t have a linear handpiece, there is no permanent fat cell destruction. This results in more painful and longer treatment times. Also, HIFU Ultracel Q+ is a safe treatment that may result in mild redness and tingling sensation. 

RF Radiofrequency with Electromagnetic Field

This treatment uses heat to naturally boost collagen production while smoothening out cellulite and diminishing wrinkles on the face and body. It is effective for fat reduction, belly fat reduction, improving lymphatic drainage, and also helps in skin tightening and firming. 

Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field produce heat under the skin’s surface, helping to increase collagen and elastin fibers while shrinking the volume of fat cells. Meanwhile, an adjustable pulsed suction called VariPulse gently pulls the skin upwards, allowing the energy to travel deeper and eventually provide more comfortable and effective treatment. Results include achieving a slimmer and more sculpted body and removal of cellulite. 

Teslaformer FMS (Functional Magnetic Stimulation)

Teslaformer Functional Magnetic System (FMS) is a second-generation electromagnetic muscle toning treatment that is non-invasive and carries out deep muscle contractions of muscle groups. For those wanting a perky butt, toned arms, and thighs, this treatment helps look fit and firm from every angle. The result is muscle core building, strengthening, firming, sculpting, and fat burning. 

Moreover, the Teslaformer uses an electromagnetic field to induce electrical currents in nerve pathways to trigger muscle contractions. The entire treatment is safe. FMS causes intense muscle contractions, which ordinary exercise cannot, resulting in 50,000 contractions in 30 minutes. 

Here is a wide range of results that Teslaformer can assist with:


  • Butt lifting 
  • Body sculpting and contouring 
  • Core muscle strengthening for better posture
  • Muscle size increase to reduce sarcopenia and muscle wasting in the elderly 
  • Muscle recovery 

Teslaformer is also effective for pelvic floor muscle firming, which comes with many benefits: 

  • Reduce urinary incontinence in post-pregnancy, perimenopausal and menopausal women, thereby improving quality of life 
  • Improve vaginal support with strong pelvic floor muscles 
  • Improve vaginal dryness, which results in a positive impact on sex life 

Final Thoughts

Non-surgical body contouring treatments are popular because they can kill fat cells without requiring incisions. Royalty Wellness Spa offers Body Contouring, which reduces fat cells by targeting submental fat from various areas. Get slimmer and treat those fat deposits through body sculpting techniques to reveal a firmer shape.

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