Say it Ain’t So: Black Does Crack, Here’s What to Do About It

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This eBook includes: 
  • Many types of medical aesthetic treatments Black women can’t live without
  • Common myths DEBUNKED!
  • How to prepare for your first treatment




If you’ve heard or said “Black don’t crack” at least once in your lifetime, then you’ve lived long enough to know sometimes it does sag or fold. Fortunately, we’re living in a time when we can do something about it on a regular basis! Injectables, both easily accessible and affordable, are used to relax facial wrinkles and folds (smile lines), contour the body (reduce the appearance of a double chin), and improve the signs of facial fat loss by creating structure, framework, and volume to the face and lips. Popular injectables include Botox and fillers.


My new eBook, Say it Ain’t So: Black Does Crack, Here’s What to Do About It, is a MUST-HAVE for:


  • Black women who are curious about options to help slow down the visibility of aging in their face and neck
  • Black women who are already using injectables but want to try different options for treating different areas or enhancing the treatment in current areas
  • Injectors who want to solely focus on enhancing Black skin
  • Industry leaders who want to clear, concise information use when instructing or presenting


Although the fountain of youth doesn’t exist, injectables do and its popularity in the Black community is growing with a supply that is overflowing! For 6 years, I have been a fan of injectables and how they’ve slowed down my visible signs of aging.
Purchase my new eBook to learn why Black women of ALL ages are tapping in!


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